Monday, June 3, 2013

~~One Month Later~~ 

You were out in the training grounds, which were in your backyard. Your mother told you to work on the Jutsu Undead Wolf Pack, which was a jutsu that let you summon the ghost dogs of your dead ancestors to aid you in battle. The ghost would only disappear when you sent them back or you died in that battle. The dogs could do a lot of damage and the wonderful part about it was that your enemy could not hurt them. 
Well anyway you were practicing this jutsu when your mother called to you. 
"COMING!" You yell back as you wipe sweat from you forehead. 
You pick up your black little dog and walk to your house. You open the sliding doors, a cool breeze welcomed you. 
"ah that feels good." You say, as you stand in the door way. 
"Hey shut the door before we lose all the cold air." 
You walk in, then turn to see who had told you to shut the door. 
"DAD!?" You scream. 
you sprint over to Kakashi dropping Akita in the process. You two hug. 
"What are you doing here? Dont you have a mission to be on?" 
"My mission is over. its been a month Mira." he replied. 
"Really?!" you say in disbelief. 
"I haven't even started packing yet...." you say as you race to your room. 

~~six suitcases, twenty boxes and 

one moving truck later~~ 
You arrive in Konoha, excitement overflowing you. Kakashi was laughing at you as he watched you fidget in your seat in the truck. 
"Calm down Mira, I'm afraid that if you get anymore excited you'll explode." he said still laughing 
"Sorry I'm just so happy to be finally here." 
Kakashi smiled and kept on driving until you reach the house. 
"Well here we are, your new home." Kakashi stated. 
"The house looks better than what mom descride it looking as." you say staring in awe at the house. 
The house was sand colored and two stories high. The front door seemed to be made of wood, it had two little windows at the top. There were four windows on the front, two were on the second story and the other two were on each side of the door. The was a little white picket fence going around the house with a white swining door attached. There were two steps that lead from a walk way to a wrap around porch also sand colored. 
"This doesn't look like your kinda house dad." you say. 
"What do you mean by that?" 
"Lets just say it looks like the home of a happily married couple." 
"Your right, your mother and I used to live here. I just could not make myself move out. Anyway lets get you unpacked." he said while getting out of the truck. 
You follow, the two of you unload the truck and carry the things to you room. 

~~one hour later~~ 

All your belongings sat on the floor to your room. The walls were plain white, there was a twin sized bed against the left wall. To the right of the room sat your dresser next to a closet. 
"do you need help unpacking?" Kakashi asked 
"Nope I'll be fine. thanks." you say and push him out the door. 

~~Four hours later~~ 

You walk downstairs to find Kakashi watching t.v. 
"Supper is in the oven, and I have already feed Akita." He said you walk into the kitchen and eat. After that you head into the living room. 
"SoDad are we going to see the Hokage now?" you ask 
"Are you kidding me its nine at night, I dont think that she would like to be bothered now." He says 
"oh i was in my room that long." "Yupp.Now get to bed, we will go see the Hokage tomorrow." 
you smile then head to your room.

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